Thursday, January 19, 2017

Popcorn in the Park by Michael Dalton Johnson

I have a friend who, after working for 20 years in advertising, risked a good deal of his money and went into business for himself. His boutique ad agency was open for several months, but he had not landed a single client. He was working hard: each day he devoted hours to nonstop calling and mailing potential clients. His stress was turning to desperation, and he was a few weeks away from closing his business.

One day, instead of going to work, he stopped at a store and bought a large bag of popcorn. He drove to a park and spent the entire day feeding pigeons, quietly sitting in the sun and watching kids play. He bought a hotdog and lemonade for lunch.

When he got home, his wife asked, "How was your day?" He smiled and said, "Great."

The next day he returned to work to find two inquiries about his services waiting for him. Within a week, both companies were signed. He went on to build a successful business.

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