Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Three Tips for Feeling Better and Selling More

by Michael Dalton Johnson

Take a deep breath.

You've heard, "Take a deep breath," many times, especially when you are in a stressful situation. It's good advice that I would amend to, "Take a series of deep breaths."

When you are feeling frustrated, hemmed in, or stressed out, I recommend sitting quietly for at least five minutes and breathing deeply.

Deep breathing is an effective way to center yourself, clear your mind, and refocus your energy. It's a scientifically proven fact that breathing deeply for a few minutes causes almost instant relaxation in tense situations.

Fly with the eagles.

The body has its own laws. One of the most important is the law of circadian rhythm, which requires that you get adequate quality sleep on a set schedule. Get to bed early, sleep soundly; rise early, and you'll awake ready to take on the world. You'll gain a big edge, think more clearly, and be more productive.

Conversely, when you've partied until the wee hours, you won't accomplish much the following day. The folksy advice given to me years ago by my foreman at a steel fabricating plant says it all, "You can't wallow with the hogs at night and fly with the eagles in the morning."


A smile is a light in the window of a face, which shows that the heart is home. —Anonymous

Smiling and laughing boost your well-being, reduce anxiety and stress, and enable you to cope with difficult situations.

Weird as it sounds, you smile when you're happy and happy when you smile. The very act of smiling can make you happier, even if it's a fake smile!

Studies conducted by Robert B. Zajonc at Stanford University show that when you smile, facial changes have effects on certain brain activities associated with happiness.

Start smiling and laughing more today. Simply by acting like you're happy and enthusiastic makes you happy and enthusiastic. Few things are more inviting than a smile. It invites a familiar approach and is disarming.

Excerpted from Rules of the Hunt: Real-World Advice for Entrepreneurial and Business Success, McGraw Hill. Get your copy at Amazon.

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