Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just Out: Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Laugh All the Way to the Bank

In this week's Coffee With the Dog newsletter, Michelle Nichols explains how to use humor to make the perfect sale.

In the sales world, one of the most common stumbling blocks is price objection. A potential deal may be moving ahead smoothly until numbers enter the conversation, when eager customers suddenly turn and flee. But I’ve found that humor can be an effective tool for moving the sale along at almost every stage of the process. Using humor doesn’t mean going overboard and acting like a goofball. Adding appropriate levity to a situation can increase your likeableness, and help establish that critical connection with customers. As a result, customers will listen more closely, and if trouble erupts, they’re more likely to cut you some slack.

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1 comment:

Storm said...

Thank you for the post. Humor is a cure all. I try and teach that at Leads Indeed. Sometimes reps are afraid to use it, so we use it in training. It also goes along with ones gut feeling. Thanks again.
Richard Benchimol